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Find of the Day: Audi S8 plus in Florett Silver matte at Audi Mechanicsburg

It can be said that Audi’s new S8 plus is a 605hp rocket ship for those executives who’ve purged the phrase “good enough” from their vocabulary.  With their latest for-stock acquisition, Audi Mechanicsburg is pushing that notion just about as far as possible by adding nearly $35,000 worth of options, including an extremely cool $6,000 Florett Silver matte paint job.
This S8 plus has just about everything you’d want out of a 4600lb supercar- massive carbon ceramic brakes, a top speed limiter that’ll allow for 190mph blasts, a specially developed sport exhaust system and even a carbon fiber rear spoiler.  But unlike most other 600hp vehicles, it also has a usable trunk, rear seating that’ll accommodate actual humans, Audi’s night vision assistant and Bang and Olufsen sound, with tweeters that rise from the dash.  In many ways, it’s the civilized supercar for those who’d rather not travel alone.
This Audi S8 plus is currently available at Audi Mechanicsburg for $150,145.  While that may seem like a lot, think about it this way- it’s a full $10,000 cheaper than a new 911 Turbo with no options, 65hp more powerful than the aforementioned 911 Turbo, and a hell of a lot more practical.  When you put it like that, it’s somewhat of a steal.

Get more information about this find on Audi Mechanicsburg’s website, and see additional photos below.

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