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Find of the Day: Chris Harris’s 2009 Audi S4 Avant

When it comes to used car purchases, it’s best to know as much as possible before pulling the trigger.  But sometimes, it’s possible to know just a bit too much about a perspective buy, as today’s Find of the Day proves.


Yes, this S4 is currently owned by a Mr. Chris Harris, perhaps known best for automotive hooliganism and an intensive hatred of rear tires.  He also happens to operate a low-rent online film operation, which was the impetus for his S4 purchase in the first place.  You see, although he is loaned fast vehicles on a regular basis, auto manufacturers aren’t fond of lending a camera car as well.  And in that space, his S4 served nobly- fast enough to keep up, and spacious enough to carry gear.

Prior to Chris’s ownership, the S4 served a tour of duty in Audi UK’s Press Fleet, and was owned by a family member who used it to shuttle large dogs, and took generally poor care of it.  The wheels have been curbed, panels scratched, and a few pounds of animal hair could be found throughout the interior.  Under Chris’s care, the car was treated to REVO software and upgraded front brakes, but the bodywork and curbed wheels remained.


Admittedly, I’m completely ignorant when it comes to the UK’s S4 marketplace, but it seems that Chris’s 13,000 asking price is likely a solid value, considering that the DSG transmission is brand new, and the previous owner isn’t exactly going to disappear easily.

Check out the full (and frankly brilliant) for sale ad over on PistonHeads.


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