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Find of the Day: Nardo Grey Audi exclusive OEM+ A4 allroad in Santa Monica

One of our favorite Find of the Day types is when we locate a car that isn’t appreciated for what it is. While the Subaru dealer that’s listing this 2015 Audi A4 allroad knows it has special paint (likely Audi exclusive Nardo Grey from the look of the photos), it doesn’t know that it features many more subtle OEM+ upgrades. As a result, it seems quite fairly priced at $34,990.

Find of the Day: Nardo Grey allroad

First the color. It’s listed as “custom flat gray”. It looks too light to be Nimbus Grey, which’d have some subtle metallic anyway. Same goes for Aviator Grey, and it’s too dark and not blue enough to be that anyway. Nimbus it seems to be then, which is a standard offering for cars like R8, RS 5 and RS 7.

Find of the Day: Nardo Grey allroad

As mentioned though, that’s just the beginning for this car. An informed eye will note the exterior also features matte black finish on the grille and matte black rotor wheels that aren’t offered on the allroad for an even more menacing look.

Find of the Day: Nardo Grey allroad

That this car is most definitely an Audi exclusive build before the mods makes the interior a bit of a mystery. The paint came at a premium, and yet the car was optioned without the Sport interior option and  seats are a less sporting but perhaps more stylized light grey. That said, the owner didn’t skimp when it came to adding a few tailored upgrades from the factory parts bin, including S line 3-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles, S line shifter knob with accenting stitches on the boot, aluminum pedals and dead pedal and finally layered wood/aluminum trim that is one of the most costly trim upgrades offered on the Audi S4 and not offered all on the allroad.

Find of the Day: Nardo Grey allroad

All told, this is one very tasteful OEM+ build. Anyone looking for a fairly priced hardly used (just 7,020 miles) sporting Avant in the USA, this should fit the bill nicely.

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