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Find of the Day: NOS Audi RS 4 B5 Avant Body in White

We’re big fans of Ebay Germany. While most items on the Deutsche equivalent of American Ebay are not qualified for purchase directly by Americans, the selection of German automotive unobtainium is really unparalleled. If you don’t believe us, today’s ‘Find of the Day’ ought to prove our point tenfold. What you see here may look like your average B5 Avant chassis, but look closer and you’ll notice the telltale flared arches of the B5 RS 4.

Okay, so the while B5 RS 4s may be super rare in the USA and worthy of our good friends at QuattroWorld to be cataloguing their trip from SoCal to Seattle in pictures via Facebook and their own blog, these cars are not so rare in Europe. Consider them the equivalent of a B5 S4 Avant here in the States. While they’re not exactly as readily available as say a Toyota Camry, finding a specimen isn’t exactly tough… especially if you’re willing to buy one that’s been tuned, driven hard and put away wet. What makes this particular RS 4 chassis on Ebay so special, besides its current price of just under 4,000 Euros, is that it qualifies as NOS – yup, new old stock.

Seems this body in white was ordered up from quattro GmbH back in the day. The plan was to build a racecar, but the project never happened and the body has been sitting in storage ever since. Fast forward over a decade and the owner of the shop needs space. The chassis was listed on Ebay and apparently two bumpers are also available with the piece.

We’ve been unable to confirm if the car has a VIN, which would make it a lot more approachable as a project car for some enterprising B5 enthusiast. As a chassis, we bet it’d be pretty easy to import as parts for a car. Getting it legally tagged and titled may be more of a chore.

Another trick, if you’re not in Europe, will be purchasing the thing. Google Translate will get you through the ad, but beyond that things will be difficult. You’ll need a German or European proxy to bid on the car and then you’ll need to get it crated and shipped. Former conversations with our friend Jamie at Orchid Euro about whole antique cars older than 25 years have indicated such crated shipment might be about $2,500. We’ve left a message with Jamie to see if he can offer more insight, including whether he could handle the acquisition should one of our American readers be interested. We’ll post an update when we have one.

In the meantime, we should be specific. We’ve included one photo leading this story of the actual body in white. The other shot in this story and the associated gallery are of actual production RS 4s in order to show you a full car. Further photos of the actual chassis can be found on the German Ebay listing HERE. Thanks Roger for the tip.

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