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Find of the Day: 1984 Audi 4000S quattro in Portland, OR

Sharing the chassis and many body panels with the legendary ur quattro, the original Audi 4000 (80 in Europe) might qualify as one of the best kept secrets in the vintage Audi collecting market. No, it doesn’t have the more potent turbocharged 5-cylinder, but it does boast design by Giugiaro – one of very few post-war Audis ever sold with design by an Italian carozzeria. Even more rare is the US-spec small bumper 4000S quattro – only built in 1984 before the smoothing and updating of the eventual 4000 facelift.

A clean and well-kept 4000 is hard to come by nowadays. These cars were driven hard and put away wet if put away at all. They were pre-galvanization so usually give way to rust, particularly around the taillights. Use on snowy and often salty conditions didn’t help matters, though that’s why no-salt areas like Portland, OR are rich in pristine survivors. We should know, we bought one there ourselves and part-drove and part-shipped it back to our Pennsylvania home office.

The car you see here is one we’ve just stumbled across this week on Ebay (and Craigslist). The owner, Rob Moyer, has this fairly rare black example up for sale at a bit of a premium over the run-of-the-mill 4000 you might find on the market, but it looks fairly rust free and the additional modifications are what really draw us in.

Hardcore OE-philes may not like the oversized BBS-style wheels or the big ‘quattro’ script decals on the doors, but those are easy fixes when compared to rust. Also, those same OEplussers should also highly appreciate the car’s subtle post-facelift sideskirt upgrade, it’s production year correct flat-front Cibie Euro headlights and its nearly unobtainable chin spoiler produced by BBS during the brief period when the storied alloy wheel company also did body kits.

If you’re a 4000 lover take note. This one looks well worth investigating and likely worth the premium at $5000. After all, an ur quattro at the same price would likely be a total basket case. Check out the car’s Craigslist listing for more information and see our photo gallery (right) for more pics.

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