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ViperGreen2016AudiS42 photo

Viper Green Audi S4 Spotted at Wyoming Valley Audi

With Audi currently on an unprecedented hot streak, dealers can afford to take some chances with their stocking orders.  We see this as a win-win for consumers, allowing more casual customers the opportunity to get familiar with the program, and those who know to pick up their dream car without having to wait.  One such dealer that has taken this approach is northeastern Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley Audi, stocking more than a few cars with touches available only through Audi exclusive, like this Viper Green S4.


In stark contrast to the extremely bold paint choice, the interior of this S4 is a fairly conservative affair, complete with black leather upholstery, Carbon Atlas trim, and the 7-speed S tronic gearbox.  That’s really not a bad thing though, as we’ve seen our fare share of great in theory, yet no-so-much in reality ambitious pairings where cost far outpaces taste.  As this is essentially a car purchased for dealer stock and not ordered specifically for a private party, the tame interior is likely for the best.


The S4 is currently available at Wyoming Valley Audi at an internet price of $58,800.  Any interested parties can contact the dealer directly, here.  The rest of us can simply check out more pictures below.

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