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Lambo Huracán Superleggera October 4 photo

Lamborghini Pretty Much Confirms a New Nurburgring Record has Been Set

Lamborghini is promising some pretty intense news next week.

Late last month, rumors began spreading that Lamborghini set a new Nurburgring lap record with an upcoming Huracan variant called the Performante. It was believed that official news wouldn’t come until the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, where the model is supposed to debut, but it appears we don’t have to wait that long.

Lamborghini released a teaser video showcasing the heavily camouflaged Huracan Performante at the vaunted Nurburgring, quickly displaying a timer and titling the video “The highest feat at Nurburgring is coming!”

That means the new Huracan variant has likely dethroned the Porsche 918 Spyder’s lap time of 6:57, making it the fastest production car of all time to lap the track. Until now, the only thing Lamborghini has confirmed is that the new model is faster than the Aventador SV, which went around the track in 6:59.73.

Check back with us for more information on February 23, as soon as Lamborghini makes its official and spills all the details.

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