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DTM: Audi Boss Dieter Gass Says Competition is “Extremely Fierce”

In a recent interview, Audi Sport’s Head of DTM Dieter Gass spoke at length about last year’s disappointing second place finish in the Driver’s and Manufacturer’s Championships, and changes made during the offseason to help the brand reclaim the DTM title in 2016.  After winning 10 of the 18 races in last year’s season, Gass says that a failure to score points consistently derailed their title hopes, leading the organization to place priority on developing new car set up options, and maximizing the car’s ability regardless of field-balancing weight additions.

Although car changes have been “frozen” for the most part, Gass sees quite a few plusses in the subtle changes that the series has made for 2016, namely the new qualifying-based weight balancing system, and limited DRS usage.  This DRS change will limit the number of times drivers can use the aid, preventing slower cars from using the system to stay with quicker drivers, hopefully giving Audi an advantage.  The weight balancing changes are perhaps the most meaningful for Audi though, recalibrating the system of weights after each qualifying session which should prevent a car from being overly penalized, as Audi arguably was last year.

Read the full interview below, and keep an eye out for more DTM news as the season gets closer.

  • Two weeks left until the start of the new DTM season
  • Season begins at Hockenheim on May 7 and 8 
  • Interview with the Head of DTM at Audi Sport

Dieter Gass, Head of DTM at Audi Sport, about the aims for the 2016 DTM season which kicks off on May 7 and 8 and the changes made last winter.

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