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5 October 2012

We missed #fotoshopfriday last week when we were in Paris, but the facelifted Audi R8 road cars that we salivated over while there also inspired us for the return of our rotating feature this week. Changes to the design of the new R8 are kept fairly focused – headlights, taillights, intakes and grille. This made the transformation of 2012 R8 LMS ultra images to the new and facelifted version relatively straightforward.

As you can see in the front images, the R8 LMS ultra already has some sections that look like facelifted pieces. We’re talking mainly about the lower intakes. Fitting production-spec facelift headlights and the new hexagonal shield grille didn’t take much work here. And when it came to that grille, we decided to go with the horizontal slat design of the R8 V10 plus since that is the new king of the facelifted R8 roost… at least for now.

At the rear, changes were also minimal. We added the new taillight design (plus some subtle watermarks for our new R8 website as would-be livery additions and otherwise called it a day.

We’ve done five renders of the 2013 Audi R8 LMS ultra, though just three are shown in this story. Click below on our gallery to see all five.

Are we close? Time will tell, but for now we’d love to hear your thoughts or see your own take on the facelifted Audi R8 LMS GT3 racecar.

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