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Le Mans Winner Andre Lotterer Contests First Rally in “Legend Bouclés des Spa”

Following in his father’s tracks, Audi “factory” driver André Lotterer contested the historic “Legend Boucles de Spa” rally this weekend. Lotterer has close ties to Belgium. The German spent his youth there and his father Henry Lotterer worked for the Belgian RAS rally team. At the “Legend Bouclés des Spa” rally the Le Mans winner piloted a Porsche 911 SC RS, a car resembling the one his father, who died in 2009, had prepared in the nineteen-eighties.

The Porsche wearing the colors of the Zolder Circuit was the car the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans winner drove for his rallying debut. The effort was a joint project between the Circuit Zolder and the Belgian Audi Club.

Lotterer was assisted by Jean-Marc Fortin, the experienced two-time race winner (1996 and 1998 alongside Gregory Melvius). Lotterer, German-born but a Belgian at heart (his mother still resides in Nivelles) competed in the “Legend Boucles de Spa” rally and traded his R18 TDI prototype for a 1977 Porsche 911 SC. The Porsche is built to Group 3 spec with 3-liter engine developing 220 horsepower built by the Classic Delahaye workshop and carries the colors of Circuit Zolder.

“I am very happy and looking forward to compete in my first rally,” said Lotterer before the race. “While I was driving in kart, I attended a lot of tests in Belgium at the time my father worked at Chatelet. I followed the competition. I even remember one day when I was about 4 or 5 years old, my father came back with the Porsche to the Belga facility for testing. He took me out for a ride!

The rally made me dream. Thus, when Olivier Wilde approached me at the 1000 km of Spa and talked to me about competing in the Legends, I did not have to think twice.

A month and a half later he told me before Le Mans that if I won the 24 Hours they would invite me to Spa. I’ve did my share of the job and he kept his word with the support of the Belgian Audi Club and Circuit Zolder (where I won my first podium in my first F3 race). I would also like to thank Deflandre and company, Thierry J-G Malvoy, and especially Dr. Ullrich for allowing me to drive a Porsche.”

After an initial test drive of the 911, Lotterer realized the task would not be easy.

“Especially if there is snow! These conditions are not found very often on circuit! For a baptism, this could be good. I can not wait. I know I’ll have a good team and a great teammate to guide me and my temper. I realized that I was not going

win the rally and that I must not brake as hard and as late as I do on a circuit under penalty of not finishing the first RT. So I will go quietly. My main objective will be to stay on the road and to follow through without problems. I hope I do finish too be too far from the top 20.”

In the end, Lotterer brought the 911 home to an impressive 8th place out of a field of 156 in the 2012 “Legend Bouclés des Spa”. No doubt his father would be very proud.

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