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Photographic: Sepang Blue Audi RS 4 Spotted at Le Mans

A must see attraction for any four-ring fan at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the juggernaut Audi Racing Arena hospitality building located just up track from the Ford chicane. The row where the Audi Racing Arena sits is home to the largest of the team hospitality buildings and, perhaps not surprisingly, Audi’s is the largest of the lot. Alas, you’ll have to be an Audi VIP guest to enter and that’s no small price. Still, there’s no charge to ogle the cool cars on display out in front of the place and that’s just where you’d have found this Sepang Blue RS 4 had you strolled past.

Looking very similar to a like RS 4 on display at Worthersee several weeks ago, it may very well have been the same. Other identifiable features shared with the Worthersee car besides the Sepang Blue paint are the 20-inch rotor-style alloys more commonly seen thus far on the RS 5.

Joining the RS 4 on display by the Audi Racing Arena at Le Mans were several other cars not to be missed. These included the just-launched-at-Le-Mans SQ5, the A1 quattro and a vintage C3-generation Audi duo concept car in keeping with the hybrid diesel theme at Le Mans.

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