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Q&A: Lucas di Grassi on 6 Hours of Sao Paulo

What would you say in taking stock of your first endurance race for Audi Sport Team Joest?
It was an outstanding experience for me. I’m very pleased with the job I did for Audi. I neither expected the opportunity of driving the qualifying session nor being able to immediately keep up with my team-mates. Fortunately, that’s how it worked out. I’m very proud of this. I learned a lot from my team-mates this weekend. But it was just a first step. I’ve got to learn a lot more about these types of races, the car, the strategy, how to handle the tires and how to save fuel. I now have an initial feeling and am definitely happy with how things went.

On your debut in the Audi R18 ultra you were immediately allowed to drive the qualifying session and clinched the front row…

That was a great qualifying session for me. It was my first qualifying in endurance racing and my first one with Audi. I’m very pleased with the result.

How did the race go from your perspective?
It was a sort of sprint race where we were driving at the limit through to the end. We finished with a relatively narrow margin behind our sister car. Unfortunately, there was a bit of gap between us and Toyota, who deserved the win.

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