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Q&A: Rahel Frey on Her Performance at Valencia DTM Round

A week ago, at Valencia, you achieved your best performance in the DTM. You drove Dirk Werner into making a mistake, prevailed against World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx as well, and finished in seventh place. What was the nicest battle of your race weekend?
I’d planned not to drive so defensively any more this year. I think that in the battle with Andy Priaulx I put that plan on track pretty well. I’m definitely a little proud of this duel. In the DTM, you’ve simply got to counter. Because both of us had very little steering angle in this maneuver, there wasn’t much of a risk for the technology of our cars. Only the bodies were affected a bit. This nice competition has further boosted my self-confidence.

This has been your best personal result in qualifying, your best personal DTM race result, the first points scored by a woman in the latest DTM touring car generation and the first points of a female Audi driver in the DTM. Do any of these achievements mean more to you than the others?
All of these aspects are equally important to me. I’d been planning for some to time to make it into Qualifying 2. I also wanted to finish a race in the points. That it now turned out to be the first points for a woman in the latest DTM generation probably helps to further strengthen our position in this sport. All of these aims are important by themselves. To have achieved them on a single weekend makes it even better.

Your family was on location on the race weekend at Valencia. On Monday, you took a tour of Valencia together. Do this city and its race track now have a special place in your career?
My parents, my sister and a few friends from Switzerland had traveled to Spain with me. After the race weekend, we jointly experienced the city and visited the Oceanogràfic. Europe’s biggest aquarium is pretty impressive. Obviously, Valencia has a special meaning for me and I’ll always remember it. Just like the many congratulations. Not only my Abt squad but Teams Phoenix and Rosberg applauded as well. Even the security staff hugged me. An unforgettable weekend!

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