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SUPERSTARS: Audi RS 5 Racecar is On Fire

Racing a car improves the breed. It’s a fact that cars on track go through more trials of endurance than you’d ever get via testing on the road. Things like accidents and failures happen, and often they create quite a spectacle that is highly entertaining providing everyone walks away.

In that vein, we thought you’d want to see a set of photos shot by FLICKR photographer LotusDriver111 and published this morning by our friends over at the Audi-Motorsport Blog. The car you see is one of the Audi Sport Italia RS 5s that competes in the European SUPERSTARS touring series. The driver Gianni Moribidelli was fortunately unhurt though the car did sustain a fair amount of damage.

Want to see more? Follow the link through for additional shots and details.

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