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Video: Audi RS Moments of Truth – 2001: FSI

For the second video in Audi’s latest Audi RS Moments of Truth series of YouTube videos, the focus is the new RS 5 and its direct ties to the 2001 Audi R8 LMP racer that won Le Mans for the first time with FSI (direct-injection) technology. As with the first video surrounding the TT RS and its 5-cylinder turbo, this one goes for a surprisingly deep dive in its short 3 minute plus span with interviews that include Tom Kristensen, Joachim Hausner and Christian Brinkmann.

As the winningest driver at Le Mans, Tom Kristensen really needs no introduction. Jo Hausner, he’s an engineer superstar at Audi Sport. While Jo had no ‘Truth in 24’ documentary installment to propel him to super stardom as have Howden Haynes or Leena Gade, he’s got no shortage of super star acts in the pits at races like Le Mans to earn his bona fides. In the video, Kristensen and Hausner set the stage for just how much TFSI helped the team win Le Mans in the torrential downpour that was the 2001 24 Hours of Le Mans. As an engine developer for quattro GmbH, Brinkmann pulls it all together explaining the DNA that ties the benefits of direct injection to the RS 5’s FSI high-revving 4.2 V8. Also, there are some great shots of the 2001 R8 LMP in the heat of battle and the wet of downpour, contrasted with great clips of the RS 5 drifting. Watch it below.

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