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Audi RS5 DTM Lego Lipko 294 960x480 photo

Vote for this Lego Audi RS 5 DTM. Make It Happen.

Maybe you’ve heard of “We the People”, that part of official White House website where citizens can petition for social change (like opening up the 25 year rule for importable cars). Turns out Lego has a similar setup. It’s called Lego Ideas and it is where builders of kits like this Audi RS 5 DTM can post projects for people to support. Get enough supporters and Lego examines the projects and maybe even sells a set.

Lego Audi RS 5 DTM by Lipko

The aforementioned RS 5 DTM racer posted in this story is by internet Lego modeler “Lipko”. While not quite as catchy as “Wild Stylz”, that’s short for his real name Máté Lipkovics. Seems Máté has a natural talent for building very cool models… like 1/10 scale DTM cars with independent push rod suspension, 4-speed manual gearbox, faux V8 engine, opening doors, chassis with roll cage, adjustable rear wing  and modular construction so  you can fit an electric motor.  The car is 46.4 cm long and is made up of about 2100 pieces. 

Lego Audi RS 5 DTM by Lipko

This would all be well and good. You could click on his galleries on sites like MocpagesEuroBricks or see more pics of the project at Brickshelf, but that wouldn’t get it built. That’s where Lego Ideas comes in. Builders like Máté post their projects to Lego Ideas. If enough people vote on it, 10,000 to be specific, then that qualifies it for a project review by a Lego Review Board who considers it for an actual kit sold in stores. If it passes muster, it’ll actually be made into a kit and Máté can have his photo taken with President Business.

Lego Audi RS 5 DTM by Lipko

Okay, we’re making that last part up, but you get the idea. Get on over to Lego Ideas and vote for Máté’s Audi RS 5 DTM. If you’re really into this Lego thing and got all of our weak Lego Movie jokes, you could even submit your own creations. Frankly, we’re sick of seeing those VW Microbus and ur MINI kits at the Lego store and we’re trying to up their game by building more Audis… and that’s a good thing.

Hat tip to Mark D. for sharing this with us.

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