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WEC: Andy Blackmore Spotter Guide for Sao Paulo Now Available

Check photos of ours from Le Mans this year of a just-victorious Leena Gade emerging from her engineer’s hut and you’ll see an Andy Blackmore Spotter Guide posted on the wall above her work station. In addition to Ms. Gade, we also find our friend Andy’s work cataloguing entire grids of races invaluable when on site at a race or simply spectating behind the television. Just in time for the next WEC round in Sao Paulo Brazil, Andy’s published his latest version sponsored by Eyecoon.

Alas, we won’t be at the race this weekend. Still, we plan to watch, and in the meantime we’re busy preparing. This includes watching Audi Sport drivers like @AndreLotterer posting away on Instagram, @AllanMcNish posting away on Twitter and downloading a copy of Andy Blackmore’s latest Spotter Guide. Get it HERE.


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