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On Location: Audi RS 4, R8 and A1 e-tron in A50 Parking at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

Fourtitude was in Ingolstadt this week and no trip to Audi’s home town would be complete without a few prerequisite stops. Chief among these points of interest to us is the rather non-descript office building A50 on the corner of the Audi Forum’s piazza. While Musuem Mobile, the customer delivery center and even the showroom in building A51 may draw more eyes, we’re always drawn to A50.

Why? This is the building that houses offices for Audi’s executive board. Board members are keen on driving some very interesting, often early build and often Audi Exclusive laden automobiles. We only ever see 1-3 cars parked here, but those few automobiles are often very special. As usual, we weren’t disappointed by the presence of a new RS 4 Avant, an R8 5.2 Spyder and an A1 e-tron charging at a charging station.

The R8 was current production and the A1 e-tron has become a bit of a fixture at that charging station so it was the RS 4 that really drew our eyes. First and foremost, this was a preproduction unit with no VIN number. Inside the car was fully swathed with light cream colored leather from Audi Exclusive. On the outside the RS 4 featured metallic red paint, those new split 5-spoke alloys and carbon ceramic brakes.

Tune in over the weekend as we post even more photos from our European trip this week. In the meantime, see more photos of the RS 4, the R8 Spyder and the A1 e-tron via the photo gallery linked to the right.

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