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On Location: TT Sculpture at the Audi Ring in Ingolstadt

Last time we were in Ingolstadt we drove past this by happenstance. We’d never actually kept track of what ever happened to the giant aluminum TT sculpture that was brandied about when the second generation TT was launched. Then, all of a sudden, there it was in the middle of a traffic circle several kilometers from Audi’s Ingolstadt headquarters. We were in a hurry at the time, but we vowed to return next time we were in town. This was that time.

The Audi Ring is a traffic circle not far from the Audi Forum. The spot marks the intersection of Neuburger Strasse, Bei der Hollerstaude, Levelingstrasse, Friedrichshofener Strasse, Am Westpark and Richard-Wagner Strasse.

For those considering a visit, Richard-Wagner Strasse is a main route into the city any Audi navigation system will likely use on approach to the Audi Forum by way of Munich or points south. Staying straight on Richard-Wagner when it says to turn right will get you there in just a few kilometers. Also, Am Westbark turns into Dr. Ludwig Kraus Strasse that also goes past the north side of the Ingolstadt factory.

If you’re planning a trip to Audi headquarters, this is one sight worth seeing as it’s just a short distance.

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