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PhotoGraphic: Audi R8 V10 Plus Exclusive Edition

Audi recently introduced the Audi R8 V10 plus exclusive edition, the first Audi sold in North America with the brand’s laser high beam module.

Only 25 R8 V10 plus exclusive editions will be sold, and one of them was sent to Audi West Chester, in Pennsylvania, who agreed to let Fourtitude’s own Goerge Achorn to take some pictures of the car.


Audi first brought laser high beams to public roads in 2014 with the R8 LMX, but that car never came stateside. That might have something to do with the strict regulations that control both cars and lasers in the States.

Not only did the R8 V10 plus exclusive have to be approved by the usual automotive regulators, its headlights also had to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


We went more into depth on the subject back in November, but effectively the FDA had to get involved because lasers emit a small amount of radiation, and the government gets touchy when the possibility of irradiation arises.

Fortunately for us all, Audi managed to convince regulators that no one would get super powers or, more to the point, radiation poisoning if an R8 exclusive drove by, so it’s now good to go.


The major advantage of laser lights is better light. At speeds of more than 40 mph, the lasers come on to supplement the regular LED lights. The low, wide beam helps illuminate more of the road better.

Unfortunately, the fact that the headlights are safe means that 318,800,975 people won’t be able to tell that the laser lights are coming towards them. That’s to say, only the 25 owners will be able to tell that the lights are better.


So, for the rest of us, the R8 V10 plus exclusive edition comes with a Quantum Gray paint job and a Solar Orange stripe on the carbon sideblade. The wheels, too, are a dead give away, as the exclusive comes with 20-inch 10-spoke-Y-design rims in high-gloss anthracite.

Inside leather seats come in black and orange, much like the exterior, and there’s an exclusive door sill that notifies passengers that only 25 other cars like this one exist in the world.


Most of the rest of the interior and the frunk are upholstered in Alcantara, while an orange stripe at the top of the steering wheel is a constant reminder that you’re in something special.

The overall effect, I think we can all agree, is pretty good.

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