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Rushinroulette Audi R8 LMX RS6 Avant 343 960x480 photo

PhotoGraphic: Audi R8 LMX and RS 6 Avant Own the Night

Poll nearly any Audi fan about their top two current-generation cars and most likely the Audi R8 and RS 6 Avant will make the list, perhaps only swapping order depending on one’s stage in life. Imagining having access to both is a fantasy, except perhaps if you are the likes of André Lotterer who has one of each… and also Rushinroulette Photography.


Our ongoing Photographic series of posts is mainly set to highlight great-looking photos and talented photographers. Among them is Christian Langfeldt of Rushinroulette. He’s a regular contributor to this site in that regard, as he often has access to some of the greatest Audis.


So what have we here? First off is the R8. It’s of the LMX variety. To R8 aficionados it may need no introduction, but we’ll summarize quickly that it was a super limited production car like the R8 competition here in the USA, though also fitted with Audi laserlight headlights. This car is no. 30 in the limited production series.


Next up is the Audi RS 6 Avant. This RS 6 might just be “run of the mill” in comparison to the R8 LMX, but given we can’t even get an A6 Avant of any sort in the USA, we still find it to be pretty damn special.

Check out more images from this set in our photo gallery linked below and also to the right of this story. Follow Rushinroulette on Facebook and Flickr for more work by Christian.

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