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2012 2011 audi r8 gt suzuka grey matte audi tt rs ttrs suzuka grey metallic warehouse audi exchange highland park il dealer dealership wm 960x480 photo

Suzuka x 2: R8 GT + TT RS x Audi Exchange Photo Shoot = Incredible Wallpaper

Dealerships tend to be a regional thing. Even an Audi store with an amazing facility or penchant and patience for high performance-minded Audi owners tend to be a thing best appreciated when they’re in your locale. Then there’s The Audi Exchange near Chicago. This particular Audi store has been raising its cred substantially over the last year via social media and especially got everyone’s attention when they took receipt of one of the first Audi S5 4.2 Special Editions to hit the U.S. market and quickly put photos and video of the special build car up online. Seems they’re at it again with their latest photo shoot.

We originally spotted the shot you see above (and below in high-res for your wallpaper viewing pleasure) on the Audi Exchange Facebook page. We’ve already “liked” it and suggest you do the same because you’ll see great content like this.

The backstory is an interesting one. Both of these Suzuka Grey beauties are customer cars at The Audi Exchange. The dealer’s social media manager Zachary Hansen is a bit of a photography buff and coordinated the shoot. He only had a window of about two hours in the warehouse space used. By the time he got the cars there and in place, perfected the placement of the lighting and had everything set, he didn’t have a whole lot of time to nab much photography. Clearly though he subscribes to the quality over quantity rule because the one shot he did share is fantastic. Enjoy the full size download below courtesy of The Audi Exchange.



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