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Up Skirt Aerodynamics – Peering Underneath at Seldom Seen Audi Design

One of our favorite publications from Audi is their _Encounter Magazine (a.k.a. Dialoge in German speaking markets). More than just the typical consumer marketing fluff piece, this publication publishes more engineering-minded stories sharing unexpected or little known views of Audi and its technology… perspectives like the underside of an automobile.


You may have caught in our recent review of the new B9-generation Audi A4 that Audi’s latest B-segment sedan is aerodynamically optimized. With help from Audi Sport, Ingolstadt was able to make their everyday sedan more aerodynamically slippery than a Tesla Model S or BMW i8.


Part of this aerodynamic superiority comes from optimization underneath. No doubt experience coming from the long straights of Le Mans have aided in Ingolstadt’s proficiency in this regard, and that’s just the focus of these photos and the inspiration for this story.




_Encounter Magazine published a story, effectively a photographic comparison of several Audi models that examines their undersides. Compare early cars like the B1 Audi 80 (Fox in the USA), ur quattro and ur quattro Rally car to more modern cars like the aerodynamically revolutionary R15 TDI, the new R8 V10 and the latest A4.


We’ve added high resolution photos of each of these cars in both profile and underside angles that were used for the _Encounter story to our photo gallery. Several have been embedded in this story, but all of them can be found via the usual gallery archive like found below and also to the right of this story.


If you’re interested in reading the full feature from _Encounter, we’ve embedded that issue of the magazine below, pre-set to the page that includes the story. The entire issue and other issues of _Encounter can be found in our PDF gallery on Scribd or via Audi’s on trick website HERE.

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