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Audi Q8 006 photo

Spied: Production Q8 Spotted Winter Testing

Audi debuted the Q8 concept in Detroit only a few short weeks ago, and now we’re getting a glimpse of what it’ll look like when it reaches reality thanks to these spy shots of the production model.

The test car was spotted testing alongside a Q7 in Lapland, and right away we can see the differences that production will bring. Naturally, although  the Q8 cuts a more rakish figure than the Q7, with which it shares a platform, not all of the details remain.

The large octagonal grille stays, as does the X-shaped front end, but the headlights aren’t X-shaped like on the concept. Big creases on the hood, like those on the new A5’s, also add to the snarling look of the SUV, but the wing mirrors are standard Audi fare, and not the super-car inspired ones seen in Detroit.

Unlike the Detroit concept, the Lapland test car has door hinges, too, which can only be a good thing. All in all, the test car looks like it’ll follows through on the important promises of the concept when it arrives in 2018.

Check out the full gallery below.

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