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An Audi Heart Quite Literally on This Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s Valentine’s day today and love is in the air. We’re not immune to running some holiday-themed content on days like today, though works like this by Bangalore City, India-based graphic artist Aniruddha Lele makes our job easier by mixing an Audi V8 engine theme with the interpreted shape of a human heart.

Given Audi’s penchant for both design and technology, the idea of using components to artistically re-craft human heart elements like ventricles, valves and aorta is a truly unique and fitting way to approach the piece.

Okay, we’ll be honest. The geek in us went looking for the engine this seems to be and we were left blank. The cover is close to the FSI 4.2 V8, but it was never used in an RS model and you can clearly catch some RS adornment on the work. I think though, dwelling on that would be missing the point. This is some seriously cool artwork that is ultimately very timely today.

So what’s the story? Was this some very clever Valentine’s Day greeting from Audi? Surprisingly, no. It seems the work is quite simply one component of Aniruddha Lele’s portfolio over on The design was found by one of Allan McNish’s social media staff and run on the driver’s Facebook fan page as a way of saying Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Ben for the find and to Mike for additional tip.

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