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Audi Q5 Decapitated When Car Carrier Surpasses Minimal Height of Bridge

Did you ever notice that every underpass you go under is supposed to have a marking for minimum height. Did you ever wonder what happens if a truck driver failed to notice said warning? Wonder no longer, as Jalopnik has today published a series of shots of just this very thing… and they include a new and facelifted Audi Q5.

One of Jalopnik’s readers going by the name of Dustin has sent in some shots of just what the dealership found when the car carrier finally arrived. Alas, it seems pretty obvious that this brand new Q5 is well and truly totaled. Our hearts go out to the buyer in case it was pre-sold.

So if you are macabre and want to see more, there are definitely more shots to be seen of this unintended Cross Cabriolet (emphasis on cross… i.e. angry). More after the JUMP.

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