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News Stand: S7 Compared, Wrecked Sport quattro, 4.0 TFSI Intel & RS 3 Renders in Jan Issues of Motor Trend and Road & Track

Heads up for those who still like to turn pages or subscribe on your tablet. This month’s (Jan 2013) Motor Trend and Road & Track magazines are worth picking up. Both magazines have proven especially rich in Audi content this month and we wanted to bring that to your attention.

Most may have already seen the RS 5 and Sport quattro comparison with bio/interest piece on former rally driver John Buffum. We ran a story earlier this week about the piece, including the wrecking of the Sport quattro. The print version is worth checking, including one more shot of the beaten up S1 (pp. 53-59).

The new R&T also includes a comparison article that pits the Audi S7 against the BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz CLS550 4Matic (pp. 32-39). Worth noting, the magazine was able to get a 4.0 second 0-60 mph sprint out of the S7, .4 seconds faster than the Bimmer and .3 seconds faster than the Merc. So which car won? We don’t want to  spoil, but… well… skip to the next paragraph NOW if you don’t want to know. Okay, you’re still reading, well at this point if you’re still seeing this and you don’t want to know then we have no compassion for you because we gave you fair warning and we really don’t want to see you complaining in the forums about how awful we are because we leaked to  you that the CLS came in third, the 6-series Gran Sport came in second and the S7 managed a measly old all out win over these competitors.

So there you go. If you skipped ahead, go find the results in this month’s Road & Track. The piece is penned by our friend Jason Cammisa and photographed by our other friend Marc Urbano. It’s shot in Pittsburgh and the surrounding Pennsylvania area including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob and while the photos are amazing, we suspect it may have been part of a grand plan by Cammisa to return to his former home of Pittsburgh in a trio of cool cars.

Finally, R&T’s final page P.S. photo feature is an overhead shot of Buffum running an ur quattro in the 1982 Pike’s Peak Hillclimb. The super crazy Group B born 1987 S1 seems to get all the glory, but Buffum’s run was also very significiant and this shot is a cool look back on a lesser-known year.

Also worth picking up is the new issue of Motor Trend. We found three stories any Audi enthusiast may want to check out. First is the regular monthly column by Ron Kiino on p. 24. Entitled ‘4.0h Yeah’, the piece is about the 4.0 TFSI. Of the engine, Kiino states (among other things) “Two of the most impressive V8s to come around, um, ever, are GM’s supercharged 6.2-liter (ZR1, ZL1, CTS-V) and AMG’s twin turbo 5.5-liter (E63, CLS63, SL63, etc.). The former, known as LS9 or LSA, offers 556 to 638 hp and 551 to 604 lb-ft of torque, while the latter, called M157 achieves 518 to 550 hp and 516 to 590 lb-ft. Both are refined, euphonious, and a pleasure to pilot, even when not motoring at Mach speed. To this short list, I add one more: Audi’s new twin-turbo 4.0-liter, aka EA82.”

Kiino then goes on to reprint a short conversation he had about the engine with Jurgen Konigstedt, head of Audi’s V8/V10 engines. Read it and you’ll learn geek knowledge like the EA82 nomenclature for 4.0 TFSI and also why they didn’t put the engine in the R8 (amongst other things).

While there aren’t any full-feature stories on Audi in the new Motor Trend, there are two other interesting Audi stories. One is about Audi’s move to produce alternative fuels (p. 18) and the other is an intel story focusing on the RS 3 (p.16). The latter begins with the RS 3 focus, though it moves on to intel about some other models like RS 7 as well. Also, and we’re biased here, it is a story that is that much more awesome thanks to renders created by Fourtitude.

Both magazines are worth picking up and kicking back for a long read. Check them out on  your tablet or at the news stand now.

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