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Via 4T: Audi the Silicon Valley “In” Car Says Wired Magazine

We caught a story published Friday by tech culture magazine Wired about about the proliferation of the Audi brand in Silicon Valley. From entrepreneurs in San Francisco to the executive lots of corporate campuses like Google and Apple, Audi is becoming the car for the tech and style-focused of the area.

Here’s an excerpt

They’re not entrepreneurs, though they seem tightly correlated with startup hustle. They are Audis, a breed of German luxury car that seems to have uniquely captured the attention of the young and elite in Silicon Valley, where elegant user interfaces count as much as raw performance and where status symbols should be as subtle as an unreleased iPhone in the pocket of your Japanese-denim jeans. “One of the things I like about their cars is that they are technologically advanced, but understated,” says Andy Rubin, who heads Google’s Android division after selling the mobile operating system to his employer for an estimated $50 million. “I am a big fan of Audi, and have owned many different models.”

 Read the full story HERE.

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