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Video: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Nurburgring Manufacturer Testing by DRIVE

When our friend JF Musial launched the DRIVE network on YouTube, he boasted that he and his able team would take you behind the scenes in the coolest places within the automotive world. This week JF set about proving his point by heading over to the Nurburgring for a look inside a manufacturer test facility just outside the track.

Yes, we know this video centers around Jaguar. Yes, we know this is an Audi website. We still believe you won’t want to miss this video. The piece involves a long discussion of what a manufacturer does in order to test their latest at the world’s most intense track. You learn the amount of parts necessary to support just one drivetrain mule, and just how hard it is to be licensed by the manufacturer in order to be clear to hit the course at the wheel of a test mule on one of the many ‘industry test days’.

Yes, Jaguar is the focus of this piece, though we think any automotive enthusiast will find the piece fascinating. Thanks to JF and his crew for a very entertaining look behind closed doors.

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