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Video: Drive/Chris Harris Pit Audi RS 3 versus BMW M135i

We’re big fans of Drive, the YouTube channel dedicated to cars. We’re big fans of UK motor journalist Chris Harris. Last, we’re total gluttons for the Audi RS 3 Sportback. So, when we saw Harris pitted the RS 3 against the BMW M135i. So how was it?

To be honest, Chris was pretty rough on the car. Though to be fair to Audi, the RS 3 is at the end of the Type 8P’s car’s production lifecycle. As usual, Chris is thorough and takes the car both on the road and to the track… where he may dink the car for understeer but it still pulls the faster lap time. Though we’re certain it’ll be controversial for Audi fans, it is an informative piece and beautifully shot and we still recommend it.

Before you watch (below) we’d also say this in defense of the RS 3. That BMW is brand new and at the very beginning of its lifecycle. The Audi is at the very end, so we look forward to the new car and will wait to see how readily it settles the score.

Watch below.

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