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Video: Russian Dash Cam Captures Escalade (x2) on Maybach on B5 A4 Collision

Let us hope that the highways and byways of Russia are not to be judged solely on YouTube. When last we reported on a Russian traffic video, it was of a drifting R8 sideswiping a Lada and sending it tumbling. This time around we’ve got a dash cam shot from a car in highway traffic. The driver appears to be following along with what looks like a motorcade led by a Maybach and trailed by two black Cadillac Escalades.

On the surface, this rolling convoy looks pretty menacing. I mean, what could stop a Maybach and two Escalades? Answer: An Audi A4 of the B5 variety. From all appearances, the A4 is trying to merge. The three cars in the convoy come up fast on him. What happens then is left to physics.

Watch below and thanks to Travis at Jalopnik for the tip.


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