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transporter refueled photo

#4at4: Transporter Refueled Trailer & Scene Shorts with S8 Action

By now you probably know there’s a new movie from the Transporter franchise ready to trop. Transporter Refueled is, effectively a re-boot in a post Jason Statham world appears to otherwise stick to the model of parking garage fight scenes, girls in bad wigs and often physically impossible Audi D-chassis action… in this case the oddly pre-facelift Audi S8.

We’ve found a few new videos on YouTube that we haven’t yet shared, so decided to drop them all into one post as part of our #4at4 series. Check them out below, because it’s 4:00 somewhere.

1: Transporter Refueled Trailer #2

2: Transporter Refueled Clip – Leaving the Club

3: Transporter Refueled Clip – Airplane

4: Transporter Refueled Clip – Parking Garage Fight Scene (Because You Really Can’t Do a Transporter Movie without One – ed.)


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