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b5 ice car photo

Video: 960 WHP Audi A4 Claims to Be the World’s Fastest on Ice

The description of “World’s Fastest” or “Quickest” seems to get thrown around quite often in the car world, with a new record of some sort being set almost daily.  It can certainly be seen as white noise to some, but when there is video and it involves an Audi, our ears never fail to perk up.  The latest example of this comes from northern Sweden, as a 960 wheel horsepower 2.7T-powered B5-generation A4 blitzes the ‘Flying Kilometer’ in search of a new record.

Taking the Standing Mile event formula, and adding in some running room for drivers to get up to speed, this A4 is able to get up to an insane average of 332km/h, just shy of the 200mph mark.  And while straight line event videos usually aren’t quite as exciting as drift hooliganism, time attack, or even circuit racing, the introduction of ice into the equation certainly does make for good film, as driver Anders Nilsson makes more than a few corrections at more than 300km/h.

Check out the full video above, and see more of the car here.

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