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Video: Audi RS 3 vs. BMW M3 GTS at the Nurburgring

There’s a good discussion going on in our A3 discussion forum that touches on intel about the upcoming next-gen RS 3.  Talk of the new car naturally turned to the prominence of the current RS 3 and then xgarage posted a link to a video on YouTube described simply as ‘RS3 VS M3 GTR’ (actually GTS… hat tip to Syed Hoda). Of course we all clicked on it… and mother of God!

The clip is posted by YouTube user quattros3driver and he lists modifications as Abt ECU (410 cv) and lowering springs from H&R. Otherwise the car is apparently bone stock.

Essentially the video (below) is an in-car mounted GoPro or the like, mounted between the seats in an RS 3. It begins as he is headed out of the pits and seems to be in none too much of a hurry. If you’re anything like us then it’s about here that you start dissecting the cockpit. He’s wearing shorts and there are some white Oakleys in the center console that will assuredly distractingly rattle around out on track. There’s a large Nurburgring track map on his helmet and you can see a second RS 3 logo decal in the rearview mirror. Did I mention he’s wearing shorts?

He lets a TT pass, then a Cayman and you start to wonder if this isn’t more poser than pole sitter. Then he waves another car by.

Enter the M3 GTS. It’s orange and you can’t miss it. It’s also no track slouch and you get the feeling he thinks he’s reeling in a big fish by letting him by. Our driver engages, and impressively sticks with the M3 for a while. He’s not reeling him in quickly at this point, simply not letting him get away exactly. Then the M3 slips past another Cayman that blocks the RS 3s way. You think its over maybe… but there’s a lot of video left.

Thus far I suspect I haven’t told too much for the spoiler alert police. Will he catch up to the BMW? Will he drive that car like he can barely make the payment, or perhaps like he boosted it the night before in Berlin? I suspect you already know the answer, but watch anyway.

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