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Video: Audi RS Moments of Truth – 1989: 5 Cylinder

Audi of America has produced a short series of videos dubbed ‘Audi RS Moments of Truth’. First in the mix looks back to 1989 and the turbo-chirping 90 in IMSA and how its 5-cylinder shares more than cylinder configuration with today’s TT RS. This isn’t just a pretty footage piece though as the video also includes interview with Hans Joachim Stuck (driver from the period) and also one of the engineers who worked on the fabled engine as the race car was developed. Below is Audi of America’s description from YouTube. Watch the video below that.

Audi RS “Moments of Truth” is a series of highly stylized, dynamic short-form documentaries that capture a moment in time — visual, visceral proof of the impact that technological innovation and risk-taking has had on performance in a highly competitive world.

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