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Video: Facebook Post Claims to be the World’s First C7 RS 6 Sedan. But is it Really?

“Cold Start with the world’s first C7 RS 6 sedan”, reads the caption of this video posted to Facebook on Saturday by JTmedia, but has this sedan really been converted to full RS 6 spec?  Using the various angles shown throughout the 30 second clip, we can clearly see that RS 6 panels have been fitted to the car (front bumper and quattro script grille, front and rear quarter panels, rear bumper), but as we all know Audi’s RS vehicles are not solely defined by their flared arches.  So we did some digging.

According to a story posted to AutoBlog.NL, the vehicle was commissioned by an enthusiast who simply wasn’t a fan of the RS 6 avant- different strokes, I guess.  So with that in mind, he sent what we can assume to be an S6 to Björnwerks to receive the RS 6 visual treatment, an Audi Exclusive Mocha Latte paint job, a full Milltek Exhaust system, and APR hardware to ensure that while not technically a full RS car, it would certainly perform like one.  An aftermarket suspension and Rotiform wheels finish off the package, and while it does look quite sharp, we did notice the lack of RS brakes which is a bit of a let down.

Check out the full details of the build over on AutoBlog.NL.

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