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Video: Filipe Albuquerque Hoons an A1 quattro In the Snow

In this week following his win at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, Audi factory driver Filipe Albuquerque is enjoying a well-earned break on the beaches of Miami. Filipe is literally world’s away from icy climates like those where one might go ice racing in an A1 quattro… but that’s jus the difference that was apparent to us upon watching Audi AG’s latest video upload on YouTube.

This latest video from Audi focuses on that limited A1 quattro, and they tapped none other than Mr. Albuquerque to give his driving impressions of the little car. To be honest, he raved about it when we joined him Daytona for dinner the night before the race. Having just watched the spot, we now know why.

Watch it yourself below.

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