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Video: Hooning a New Audi TT Behind the Scenes of Audi TT Reality? Check.

Tilt Shift is an interesting technique. Effectively, it is the taking of real footage and making it look fake. That may seem counterintuitive, but the net effect will grab your attention whether it’s in the nightly intro to the Stephen Colbert led Late Show or in the latest commercial of the new Audi TT.

We ran a story last week on this new TV spot from Audi. Now, Audi of America has revealed even more of the ideas and processes employed in the making of the shoot. Of course film enthusiasts will appreciate the visual transformation and feel of the Tilt Shift technique, but we’re guessing our Audi enthusiast readers will appreciate even more the hoonage of a bone stock Mk3 Audi TT all in the name of capturing that perfect shot.

Watch it below.

For comparison, we’re including the opening credits of the new Late Show hosted by Stephen Colbert and also the original TT Reality? Check.  commercial below?


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