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Video: Iroz Motorsport IMS1000 TT RS Runs 9 Second Quarter Mile

Even though we featured Hooniverse’s Airstrip Attack beatdown with an RS 7 performance on Friday, and countless other fast passes from various tuned Audis recently, chances are when you think of the four rings, drag racing isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.  In fact, it’s probably somewhere outside the top ten.  Still, these cars are more than capable of putting down extremely impressive times with simple software reflashes and some run-of-the-mill bolt ons.  But what happens when you go a step further?  See below to find out.

By upgrading the turbocharger, adding a few typical bolt-ons (exhaust, intake, etc), and a few not-so typical ones (different camshafts, Valve Springs with Titanium retainers), Hank Iroz has been able to break into the 9s with a 1000hp TT RS.  Saying it’s “basically just our 1000hp kit“, Hank tells us that very few modifications have been done outside the kit itself, more specifically an upgraded clutch, lightweight 18” wheels, sticky tires and a rear seat delete.  Still weighing an extremely close to stock 3200lbs, the TT RS achieved a 9.9 second quarter mile at 147.5mph, at a density altitude of 5000ft.  In more favorable conditions, Iroz says he thinks the car is good for a 9.7 at more than 150mph.

Stay tuned to find out more, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the Iroz Motorsport TT RS.  For now, check out more about the IMS1000 kit here.

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