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AUDI R8 PR 1 photo

Video: Speedriven Twin-Turbo Audi R8 V10 Runs 9 Second Quarter Mile

Audi has never really been known for their drag racing exploits, but that’s never stopped owners from taking the 1320ft sprint quite seriously.  From the S3 up to the RS 7, current Audi owners and tuners have gone to great lengths to make the cars as quick as possible, resulting in many, many new records.  So much so, that when a platform finds its way into the 11s, we aren’t all that surprised.  But when an Audi hits the 9s and breaks a previous record by a full second, that’s really something special.

Producing roughly 1100hp with help from a twin-turbo kit with fueling, intercooler and exhaust upgrades, and a modified rear suspension to help with weight transfer, the record-setting R8 is surprisingly otherwise stock.  Because that might not be enough, Speedriven also offers a fully built motor package that’s good for ~1500hp, as well as a fully built sequential transmission and straight-cut gears, all but ensuring the owner can have a record of their own.  For that reason, we think this record, while extremely impressive, might not stand for long.

Check out additional information about the Speedriven kit, here.

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