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c7 s6 onetake photo

Video: Tuned S6 Gets the ‘One Take’ Treatment

By now, the formula has become quite familiar- turn up to one of Southern California’s canyon roads, hand Matt Farah your keys, fire up the GoPro, and let him do his thing for about 15 minutes.  It’s a simple one, sure, but with an overabundance of technical and over-edited youtube shorts, The Smoking Tire’s return to YouTube’s low-budget roots is a welcome change.  The fact that each car driven is noteworthy or just plain weird in their own way certainly doesn’t hurt either.

In one recent video, Matt climbs behind the wheel of a tuned C7-generation S6, said to be producing 520hp at the wheels thanks in part to an AWE Tuning turbo-back exhaust system and carbon fiber intake.  In addition to the power-adders, Eurocode springs and sway bars help to keep the S6 planted in the corners, while stock brakes handle reigning it all in.

So what’s Matt’s verdict?  Watch the video above to find out.

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