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#4at4: quattro Rally Video Awesomeness including a Snapped Telephone Pole

It just so happened that several incredible YouTube videos crossed our desk at about the same time this afternoon. The first, found via Jalopnik, is something you wouldn’t believe unless you see. It involves a powersliding ur quattro rally car and snapping a telephone pole. The video was shot at Austria’s Klausner/Söllner Jänner Rally.

Next up is another video also found via Jalopnik of a rally run in 2012 at the same location. This one involves an S2 rally car and hell of a spin and a hell of a save.

Here’s another from, you guessed it, the Klausner Jänner rally that YouTube recomended to us after watching the above. Again, the driver loses his line and goes off course. He’s quite lucky there wasn’t much around.

Finally is a video from Monaco (hat tip to Paul for the link). There’s no crazy spin here and no downed utilities, but this one is still well worth it for the audio. Close your door, turn up the volume and enjoy the 5-cylinder burble of several versions of rally quattro legends.



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