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Choice Gear: 1:43rd Scale 1934 Auto Union Type A from Minichamps

Scale model car manufacturer Minichamps has added a new offering to its growing list of Silver Arrow Auto Union racers. This time around the German model manufacturer has created a replica of an early Auto Union Type A grand prix racer – most easily spotted thanks to its flat-faced grille on the front.

The Ferdinand Porsche-designed V16 Auto Unions are the stuff of legends and hold a bit of a ghost-like mystique amongst car enthusiasts because so few survived World War II. In recent years UK-specialty firm Crosthwaite and Gardiner have created several painstakingly accurate replicas from original plans or reconstituted schematics made with survivor components. Should you wish to see a Type A, the Crosthwaite replica is the only way as no original Type As are known to have survived, a fact that makes this replica of the 1934 German Grand Prix winner driven by Hans Stuck an added level of cool.

Only 1344 pieces will be made, which will keep the model limited though also not too difficult to come by. Check out more information on this model (Minichamps item # 400341900) after the jump.


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