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On Location: Museum Mobile & Museum Shop, Audi Forum Ingolstadt

During our few days in Germany this week, a visit to the Audi Forum Ingolstadt at Audi’s world headquarters was a must. Of course a normal headliner to anyone visiting the facility is Museum Mobile. While much of the display on the upper floors doesn’t rotate as briskly and we’ve got plenty of photos from this collection, we’re always curious to see the rotating display on the first floor and the literally rotating display on the paternoster  – a rotisserie for cars positioned at the front of the building.


First the rotating display is titled “Light Art”. This exhibition of Audi’s lightweight history will be in Ingolstadt through the end of this month and displays everything from vintage pre-war models like a Horch roadster or Auto Union Type D grand prix car to the most modern R8 GT and the R18 TDI that won Sebring this year. A core part of the display also highlights Audi’s ASF (aluminum space frame) history with the Avus concept, a polished A2 concept and the D2 A8 precursor ASF Concept.

Often the paternoster at the museum is filled with Audi concept cars. This seems to have changed for now, instead focusing on so-called “oldtimers”. This selection of cars showed many more recently classic cars from early B1 80s and a C1 Coupe S to more recent cars like the C4 S6 and C3 S2 coupe. Many of these appeared to be new additions to the Audi Tradition collection or were at least cars we hadn’t seen before in an of their facilities and our eyes were particularly drawn by an early B2 80 quattro (4000 S quattro for Americans) and the aforementioned S6.

Before leaving the Museum Mobile it is always worth a visit to the museum shop. Though the Audi Collection store in the nearby customer delivery center is all about Audi’s own line of swag, the museum shop takes a few more liberties by not only vintage-oriented ware, but also model cars available only through their manufacturers, vintage parts, books, posters and more.

See more photos from our visit via our gallery to the right and also keep watching Fourtitude over the weekend as we post more photos from our trip to Germany.

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