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PhotoGraphic: Audi R8 and Two DKWs Star at The Elegance Concours

For car enthusiasts, the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania may be more known for vintage cars than it is for the candy company of the same name. In addition to the chocolate factory, the town is also the home of the Antique Automobile Club of America, plays host to the world’s largest antique car swap meet… and, it’s now home of an up and coming concours known as the Elegance.

Playing on the local history of a hillclimb race during the automobile’s early years, east coast collectors and power players have put together an event that is sure to please. In addition to a re-opening of the hillclimb course, the grounds of the nearby Hotel Hershey are used as a beautiful stage for this automotive exhibit.

Back again as a supporter of this event is Audi via its local dealership Audi Mechanicsburg. This time the Audi team decided to show off more vintage rings with two DKWs from Audi of America’s own collection. Splitting the difference and drawing a tie to the present was Fourtitude’s very own 4 Season Audi R8 test vehicle, an A8 and a Q7.

More photos of the Audi display can be found via our photo gallery to the right.

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