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#ThrowbackThursday: Super Rare B2 Audi 80 quattro

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday jumps back to the early days of quattro and focuses on one of the rarest B2s around – the 80 quattro 2-door. No, this car wasn’t turbocharged or box-flared like the more reknowned ‘ur quattro’, but it may even be more rare.

Back in the days of the B2, 2-door notchback coupes were still built even though most of the purchasing interest went to the aforementioned ur quattro or the more affordable Coupe GT that shared the same profile. To the early 80’s buyer, this car may have looked too close to the sedan to be noticed.

For the geeks keeping track though, this car is very significant. Even clean 4-door examples are hard to come by nowadays because they were not kept as collectors items as were the ur quattro. That the 2-door 80 quattro was much, much rarer and also suffered a similar drive-it-hard-and-put-it-away-wet mantra only made them rarer.


From a design standpoint, we actually believe this car to be one of the most pure. The pre-facelift B2 design language is really most attributable to Giorgetto Giugiaro who penned the earliest sedan versions. The car in these vintage PR shots, with a more graceful two-door configuration and lacking much in the way of plastic cladding as protection really shows off Giugiaro’s fantastic design. That look would influence Audi branding for many, many more years. That the car is also a quattro, well that’s just icing on the cake.

As mentioned, the 80 quattro 2-door is incredibly hard to find. Examples are out there, but they’re mostly in Europe as they were never sole in North America. We do know of one ardent enthusiast in Canada who has imported an example but for the most part these cars can be found in Europe. Fortunately for those Stateside, they were last built in 1984 and so they would all qualify as an antique and thus an incredibly easy import.

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