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Video: New “Rally” TV Commercial Helps Mom Embrace Her Inner Michele Mouton

The TV spot cuts to action immediately. It’s 80s period rally footage at first, set through a filtered soundtrack of “Bad for Me” by pop singing duo Megan & Liz. It’s edited to give you the impression the driver of the flying Audi might actually be listening to the song on the tinny 80s era speakers that would have assuredly been removed from the car by Audi Sport technicians building it out for remote locales like Sweden, Monte Carlo or Africa. Such is the lead-in to Audi of America’s new commercial for the A4 sedan dubbed “Rally”.

Cut to a Sport quattro with rally livery sliding through a dusty field. You’re enveloped by dust and the serious Audisti watching is now a) telling himself/herself not the same car and b) is wondering what the hell car it was doing the stand-in.

The dust settles and you’re left looking at a black Audi A4 sedan. A young daughter turns down the volume of the Megan & Liz cut and thanks her mom before jumping out of the car for what looks like field hockey practice. Mom departs in a slight flurry, channeling her inner Michele Mouton.

If you listen to “Bad for Me” as likely any parent of a pre-teen is likely to do multiple times a day, then some of the lyrics also seem to harken to Audi’s 80’s era rallying star. “This one’s for the girls messin’ with the boys,” certainly sounds like Mouton, who came out in the 1982 rallying season to rack up four victories and almost nailed the world champion title, having to settle for runner-up to her soon-to-be teammate Walter Rohrl. Mouton lit the world on fire at the wheel of her quattro back then, and the ad makes you think this field hockey mom makes no qualms about channeling that in her 2013 A4.

Oh, and thanks to a friend of a fellow Audi-geek Facebook friend who tipped the hat to this video’s newfound presence on the Audi USA YouTube channel. He was spotting the incorrectness of the car, and noted a supposedly slanted windshield that would suggest the car was a replica Sport quattro. A source at Audi of America tells us otherwise. While Audi’s American outpost has no rally car with which to stand in for such filming, they do have a recently repaired (from Road & Track test fiasco) Sport quattro that was temporarily wrapped for the commercial’s shooting.

Watch it below.


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