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Volkswagen Group Sales Down in April

The Volkswagen Group delivered 1.4% fewer cars around the globe this April than it did last year, leading to a drop of less than one percent for the year to date.

With more than 840,000 vehicles sold across the Group this month, the total for the year now exceeds 3.3 million vehicles sold, down only just, from 2016’s year-to-date total.

The crucial Western European market suffered this month, with sales dropping by nearly 4% across the market. Germany especially performed poorly, with a drop of more than 7%.

Some of that may be attributable to a late Easter, which means that there were two fewer business days this month.

” In April, the development in Volkswagen Group deliveries in Western Europe was better than the market as a whole, which was affected by the late date of the Easter holidays,” said Kappler. “At the same time, we experienced a strong tailwind in Central and Eastern Europe, where there was a marked increase in deliveries of new vehicles.”

Eastern Europe did well with sales rising 11% in the market, and 12% in Russia specifically. North America, too, was a bright spot for the brand, with sales up more than 3% in the market.

And despite a strong performance in China (+1.5), the Asia-Pacific market was down on the whole.

SEAT, Porsche, and SCANIA, though, were the only brands to see monthly sales improvements, while VW, Audi, and SKODA all had sales drops.

Although it’s a modest drop, this is likely not the start to the second quarter of 2017 that VW was hoping for.

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