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Watch: the Audi A4 Takes the Romance out of Alfa

The automotive world is making a big deal about how great the Alfa Romeo Giulia is, using plenty of words, like passion and emotion, that would help contribute to the Top Gear Italian Car Road Test Cliché Swear Box. Are those “Italian Car Road Test Clichés” better than the more sober ones used to describe the Audi?

No, in a word.

Not according to CarWow, anyway. The UK YouTube channel put the two cars up against each other recently to find out if the Italian could keep up with the best compact, luxury sedan in the business.

Although the Giulia does well, the usual cliches aren’t enough to keep up with the onslaught of excellence from the A4.

With a big trunk, comfortable rear seats, a beautiful cabin, and—even in FWD configuration—amusing driving characteristics, the A4 does too many things better than the Alfa to be kept up with.

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