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Watch: di Grassi Discusses Monaco

Formula E is racing again this weekend and they’re in the glitziest city on the racing calendar: Monaco.

With a race win in the last Formula E race, in Mexico, Lucas di Grassi will be looking to steal more points from his rival, Sebastien Buemi.

“We can definitely challenge Buemi after Mexico,” says di Grassi, referring to the driver rankings. After four races, only five points separate the two leading drivers.

Last season, the championship bout, between the same two drivers, went down to the 10th and final race of the season in London.

After the first three races of this season, it looked like Buemi might walk away with the title, having earned a perfect 75 points. In Mexico, though, he only earned one point, giving di Grassi’s unlikely victory even more meaning.

“It was the best win of my Formula E career,” he said, speaking to CNN. With it, and his two second-place finishes (in races 1 and 3) di Grassi is coming to Monaco with 71 points, ready to challenge Buemi for the lead in the driver standings, which he could steal with a win.

Although di Grassi has plenty of experience in Monaco, but history is not on his side. The last time it was on the Formula E calendar (in 2015) he finished second, two seconds behind Buemi.

Whatever the result, there’s plenty of time for racing between the two drivers left, as seven races will remain this season after Monaco.

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